About SilverCine, Inc.

SilverCine, Inc., provides consultancy and development for businesses in the web and mobile video industries.  We are experts in streaming, pseudo-streaming, progressive download, and all audio / video codecs currently delivered via digital and physical devices.

Our expertise is in managing the complex systems and delivery requirements of major media corporations seeking to diversify their audience and advertising metrics.  We create enterprise delivery systems for standard- and high-definition streaming video so that our clients receive a large return on investment in a short timeframe.

We develop enterprise content management, encoding, and delivery systems that are nimble and agile.  Our clients love our ability to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Most of our referrals are from large CDN's such as BitGravity, Level3, and Akamai. However, we manage a diverse portfolio of exceptional clients and account managers who use our services to provide synergy to their existing business partnerships.

Our founding principle is to provide our customers with the most personalized service in the industry.  Contact us today!  SilverCine can help.

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