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Do you need video expertise for your web, mobile, and social media presence?

SilverCine, Inc. is a premier consultancy and development company for businesses seeking timely, professional service and cutting-edge technology know-how.  We partner with industry professionals and leading tech companies to bring our clients the best service and support in the digital video industry.

With ten year of service in this sector, we provide major media companies with first-in-class, enterprise experience and on-budget performance.  We continue to position startup companies ahead of their competition by managing their technology needs in an advisory role and development role allowing them to focus on their customers.

Contact SilverCine, Inc., today!  You are guaranteed to profit from us.


< Consulting Services > Do you need professional video know-how?  If you design a great video product, how do you plan to distribute it?  Once you figure out distribution and delivery, how are you going to get customers in the door and buying? SilverCine, Inc., provides end-to-end consultation for meRead More


< Content Services > Video content provides the biggest market opportunity available today.  Every major media company and public business is actively seeking video content to position their brand and grow their audience loyalty. If your company has never delivered video content via web or mobile, howRead More


< Content Delivery Systems > Video content takes considerable bandwidth.  The best video delivery networks understand and deliver outstanding routing and packet prioritization.  Great delivery networks provide worldwide positioning and replication based on user demand. SilverCine, Inc., knows deliverRead More


< Video Encoding Services > Today, there are over 30 video codecs to choose from and over 20 video containers that can be used for delivery.  Flash video codecs are the most plentiful right now, but companies like Apple and Google are pushing for more open standards like H.264 codecs and MP4 or WebM containers. Read More


< Management Services > Video technology and infrastructure requirements are a daunting task for even the most seasoned media companies.  Creating and deploying processes is time consuming and costly.  Developing new products and determining the cost-benefit of inhouse versus outsourcing takes expertise and training. Read More


< Markets Services > SilverCine, Inc., is a leading provider of market expertise and services in the web and mobile video sector.  We provide consultation and best practices for our clients in online video advertising programs, affiliate networking for web and mobile applications, and social media marketing for video intensive communities.Read More


< Systems Development Services > Video eats bandwidth, and large traffic doesn't always pay for itself.  Virtual enterprise systems are making a significant dent in the cost of traditional enterprise systems development, but it takes specialized knowledge to integrate existing infrastructure with virtual systems. Read More

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