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Video technology and infrastructure requirements are a daunting task for even the most seasoned media companies.  Creating and deploying processes is time consuming and costly.  Developing new products and determining the cost-benefit of inhouse versus outsourcing takes expertise and training.

SilverCine, Inc., manages complex video-intensive industry accounts, programs, and projects with a knowledgable eye towards your bottom line.  We have over ten years experience developing enterprise systems and large-scale networks for diverse industries.

We manage hundreds of corporate accounts, and we build lasting partnerships that are beneficial to all stakeholders.  Based on your need and our experience, we accept project management on referral and freelance basis, however, your company will benefit the most from our expertise in change consultation and management of your existing programs.

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Account Mgmt

< Account Management Services > Your customers are worth their weight in gold!  Every lead and every account is your most important.  And your account managers MUST know how to keep your customers satisfied while providing new and innovative services. At SilverCine, Inc., we live and breathe customerRead More

Content Mgmt & CMS

< Content Management Systems (CMS) > 20,000 full-length videos.  40,000 video trailers.  100,000 pieces of metadata.  500,000 webpages deployed. 10 video networks on three continents.  10 social networks on four continents.  Hundreds of thousands of mobile users.  Millions of web users worldwide.Read More

Program Mgmt

< Program Management Services > Products drive the global consumer economy.  Video assets and services sell these products to your customers.  Businesses rely on proven management services to bring projects to completion on time and on budget for their products.   This is the essence of program management services. Read More

Project Mgmt

< Project Management Services > Good project management professionals are roaming the streets of San Francisco.  Great project management professionals are hard at work building new innovations for the marketplace. At SilverCine, Inc., we are hard at work on cutting-edge projects including mobile videRead More

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