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SilverCine, Inc., is a leading provider of market expertise and services in the web and mobile video sector.  We provide consultation and best practices for our clients in online video advertising programs, affiliate networking for web and mobile applications, and social media marketing for video intensive communities.

We continue to grow and manage select client portfolios in these market sectors, and our purview includes administering advertising programs through such providers as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.  We are well versed in the buy-in and traffic analysis requirements needed to achieve both industry standard conversions as well as significant return on investment.

Affiliate networking and social media marketing require special knowledge.  We partner with top affiliate networking companies, and we understand the kinds of traffic that convert.  We know social media markets and have been working within them for many years.  As social media reaches maturity, we are seeing a significant ROI for video companies who use this sector to build their brand.

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Ad Programs

< Advertising Programs > If you have great SEO, do you really need to spend advertising revenue on ad programs such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing?  The answer is:  absolutely! Advertising programs are an important part of every company's rank in search engine results.  These programs Read More


< Affiliate Networking Services > Supercharge your traffic today!  Affiliate networking providers know their traffic.  Your company knows the customer it needs.  SilverCine, Inc., is here to connect your company with great traffic! Affiliate marketers are the lifeblood of commerce on the web.  TheyRead More

Social Media

< Social Media Marketing Services > Social media markets are running laps around traditional search markets in conversion ratios.  A friend or colleague has more influence than personalized search ranking, but everyone knows this.  If your best friend says that a movie is great, you're five times more likely to watch it. Read More

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