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Video eats bandwidth, and large traffic doesn't always pay for itself.  Virtual enterprise systems are making a significant dent in the cost of traditional enterprise systems development, but it takes specialized knowledge to integrate existing infrastructure with virtual systems.

SilverCine, Inc., builds enterprise networking systems for video management and delivery.  We have built realtime streaming networks that are capable of servicing hundreds of thousands of customers consecutively, and we know how to integrate hierarchical, traditional systems with virtualized environments.

Do you use Amazon Web Services for your front-end web?  Do you need virtualized encoding systems for your backend?  What is the best method for encoding inhouse and transcoding on a virtualized system for realtime deployment in mobile?

SilverCine, Inc., can answer these questions.  We know all about workflow optimization and deployment.  Contact us today to discuss an enterprise, virtual machine system that works for your company!

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